Dog Of The Month

Meet Paco

Home Free Animal Rescue would like to invite you to stop by to meet two of our most wonderful pups, Paco and Rudy. Both are friendly chihuahua mixes that enjoy the company of humans and other dogs. Their most favorite times of the day are any time that there’s food involved and in the late afternoon when they are out running around, playing fetch with their little stuffed toys and enjoying lap sitting while giving cuddles and hugs to staff and volunteers at the rescue. Paco is a 2 year old, blonde, sparkly-eyed male with an irresistible underbite. His pal Rudy is a 3 and a half year old, red and white, happy-go-lucky male that enjoys sharing his wit by clowning around with all those he knows. Paco and Rudy are two of a kind. They will both do best being adopted into a fun-loving home either with each other. Having the companionship of humans and another dog is of utmost importance to these two. So much so that they both share the same blankets and drag them around together to their new napping spots as each day unfolds. It’s truly adorable!