About Us

Our Mission

Our goals are quite simple: to help save as many animals as possible from being killed in America’s shelters. When we first started our rescue in 2015, more than 9000 animals were killed every day, which equates to more than 4 million each year. This is an atrocious number. In 2023, the statistics were much better – approximately 4.8 million entered shelters and 4 million were saved. But that still leaves 800,000 animals who were killed in our nation’s shelters. If we all work together and do our part, this number can eventually be reduced to zero.

Our rescue focuses on seniors and dogs with medical issues.

We take dogs only from local shelters.

We also will help to educate the public on the plight of the above mentioned animals and make people aware of the need to spay and neuter animals to prevent more animals ending up in shelters.

We work hard to make sure that we take care of all of our dogs here at Home Free Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. But, unfortunately we can’t do it without people like you and your donations of time and money. So, if you ever feel like you want to be a part of our family and help some of the best animals around, check us out.

Keeping Your Pets,
Happy, Healthy and

Show your love for animals—and help every
pet find the loving home they deserve.