It has been a great last few months for adoptions!

  • We have had 3 adopted each month, which has allowed us to rescue more dogs in need. Lately we have focused on seniors and dogs with medical issues, which we find so rewarding, so we will continue with that in the future.
  • The biggest news of the past few months is that our boy, Wayne, who was with us for almost 3 years, has found his forever home.
  • We miss him, but we are so happy that he is happy!.

A Mater of Life and Death

or as long as I can remember, there has been a running and, let’s face it, often heated disagreement within the animal welfare community regarding the terminology used to describe the rationale for the death of a healthy animal at the hands of a shelter...

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Bringing a New Dog Home: Preventing Problems

Before you bring your new dog home, there are a number of ways that you can prepare for the new addition to your family. First, before you pick up your new pet, get the dog an ID tag with your information on it (name, phone number, address). Before leaving the...

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